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Costus Igneous Insulin Tea

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The most effective Insuline plant in the world prepared for you as a Tea. The plant was typically cut like strings, to show the high fiber strands of the dried leaves and also showed the authenticity of the original plant. This plant is called Costus Igneous, when taken daily it provides healing  capabilities to allow its properties to miraculously work on lots of people around the world that had been seeking the real authentic Insulin plant.

Costus Igneous had helped people with their progress of their search in finding Natupathic healing  of their Metabolic Syndrome Conditions. Finding this plant took me many months to discover the right kind that delivers results. With the help of Dr. Dev a Naturopathic Practioner in India, he is the most sought modern Medicine Man from India. He goes to the far forest to search and talk to the natives and learn the real kind of Naturopathic plant/herbs that really work. His Family of Naturopathic Origins had been very famous with their rich cultural experiences in Himalayan Authentic Healing treating back pain and several body pains and inflammations. One of these treatments is Prescribing Costus Igneous . 


1) Regularize the Diabetes type-1 and type-2

2) Aids digestion.

3) It contains Pro-biotic.

4) Soothes colon.

5) Reduces flatulence and gas accumulation in the intestines. 

6) Anti-bacterial property.

7) Helps the Kidneys flush out the toxins.

8) It helps bacterial infections and helps excretion process will also be smooth. 

9) It has high content of fiber which helps food to get digested and get nutrients absorbed in the body. 

10) Antioxidants helps the body to prevent and eliminate free radicals, it slows down the aging process of the body. 

11) Treats hypertensive condition , high blood and reduces Stress. 

12) Reduces Cholesterol and aids weight-loss.

Regular consumption of Costus Igneous helps get rid or reduced the bad cholesterol in the body effectively, this also helps the body to use the energy and fat already accumulated internally to burn fat and lose weight.

13) Helps heal the Adrenal Glands and the functions of the liver at its normal phase. 

14) Helps accelerate immune system capabiy to renew and regenerate new cells and helps reverse illnesses such as kidney failure, heart failure, liver , failure , adrenal failure and many catastrophic illnesses. 

This is not to treat disease medically but it’s a good source of food for wellness & vitality. This is a preventative Protocols to help the body to accelerate healing and endurance to fight the metabolic syndrome. 


Always record your time and date of your glucose test from your glucose meter twice daily. This will help you determine if there are changes in your Diabetes Therapy. 

Instructions how to prepare for Tea Infusion. 

a) prepare one liter of OzoneLife 02-03 water in a pan. Allow it to boil, when it’s boiling drop one sachet of Costus Igneous lower the fire to medium, and continue to time it for 15 minutes until the color turns to pale yellow. Turn off the stove and transfer the tea to a pichil ang your drinking container. Drink it as your as your water to wash out toxins and extra sugar fermented in your body. Please monitor your Stool and your urine and take notes.