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O2-O3 OzoneLife /Anion Dual Dynamics

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This Ozone Medical Water System is called Ozone Life 02-03 Dual Anion of Three million powers to Purify, Disinfect the Corona virus  which is available for for all types of business. Perfect for home care, hospitals, markets , locker rooms, Gym, Sauna rooms, children’s nursery schools, Restaurants, bathrooms, all types of Businesses Please email us if you are interested to become an owner of Medical Ozone Water Station. 

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Ageless O2-O3 is an Ozone Air and Water Disinfectant/Purifier that delivers healing and wellness. It can create 1000 milligrams per hour of Ozone to the water and oxygen  using a unique system of European Venturi Effect and Activated Plasma Dynmics, this profoundly helps the immune system due to its functions that eliminate fungus, all kinds of bacteria, formaldehyde, chloride in and other harmful chemicals in the house, Health Clinic, Salon and Spa, Hospitals, Nail Spa Dental Office Restaurants, and Hotels. This can clean without using chemicals, it cleans and disinfect the air with virus and pathogens in the air, it removes awful smells in the house and clothing, removes the chemical fumes and it removes hormones in meats. It kill the worms in  fresh fish and in meat , it removes pesticides in fruits and vegetables, it's advisable for people who have allergies in many types. 

This is also excellent for laundry machine,pour Ozone 02-03 to laundry the clothes for sensitive skin, specifically for With medical histories of skin deseases, it provides clean disinfecting qualities to the garments. When tap Water is charged O2-O3 it will charge an 20 electron in the water this transforming ordinary water to a potent medical healing water and transforming the brain in clearances of telomerase connections. The water will also taste refreshingly clean with and  best tasting 99.9 bacteria eliminated in tap water. Creating a clean Medical water to drink. 

One treatment that our OzoneLife  02-03 can do is, it can be used in for Insufflation or soak in the tub for Insufflation for medical transdermal Insufflation purposes. It's excellent children’s with Asthmatic Condition, ADHD, hypertension, Parkinsons, Hyperactive Nerves Fibromyalgia, Heart Failure. 

This can also be used in Hyperbaric Therapy for the healing of several diseases.  

For Pet’s foul smell in the indoor home can be irradicated and leave a fresh and clean smell. Can also be used for disinfectant used in cleaning the whole household, floor carpets, curtains, freshens the laundry and beds and eliminates bugs. Excellent for watering the plants.

For health reasons it’s very helpful for children and everyone to add Oxygenium/oxygen in the house. This OzoneLife 02-03 can help the children’s concentration and breathing and restful sleep. This is also excellent for weight- loss and drainage of bad calcified cholesterol.